According to universal rules, pink is the most favorite color for women. If the matter comes to diamond, then we all know women love diamonds more than anything. Diamonds are the best friends of all the women, it is believed. If the question comes on pink diamonds, then there will be no other choices for the women, other than this. Stones are with pink color then also it will be favored by the women. If you have the option to see the pink diamonds in reality, you must compare our statement, why we are saying this. It is a fact!

If you are not aware of the facts about the pink diamonds then you might be missing something in your life. Here are the five facts about thepink diamond described below.

Extremely rare:

You may think that pink is a very common color in the globe; especially there are lots of pink gemstones available. May be pink diamonds are also! But the fact is something different. Lots of women are having diamonds on their rings, earrings, necklace- most of them are white. Pink is a very rare one found in the women’s jewelry.

When it comes to jewelry, we all go for the unique piece of the stone for us. At least the stone must have some historical values or physical values that can be set apart. You must be surprised to know the exclusive facts about this type of diamonds that how precious these are. If there are 1 million carats of rough extraction done, only one carat is considered as salable in the market.

The sources:

Pink diamonds are not produced in every mine in the world. There is only one mine in Western Australia, known as Argyle mine, which is producing the best quality pink diamonds for the world. Rio Tinto is the owner of this Argyle mine and it produces these rare pink diamonds, then it is cut and polished at its headquarters, then it goes to the market for sale through selected tenders. The other countries where they could be found are Brazil, Russia, South Africa, and Canada.

How the pink color comes to it?

It is million-dollar questions that are these diamonds coming with its pink color from the root? It is described that the diamonds are not coming with a perfect pink color. These are extracted with some secondary colors like orange and purple. There are the expert touches on these that make them perfect pink at the end. It is not the exposed facts, but some speculations are there that some technical deformations make them pink after the cut process.

The costs of these diamonds are?

As per the Rio Tinto, owner of Argyle mine is offering the prices from $100, 00 – $1 million for one piece of pink diamond which is depending on its cut, clarity, shape, and luminance.

Sample of Pink diamonds:

Daria-i-noor is the example of this type of precious diamond, which is crowned to Iran’s Prince in Teheran. It is expected to a weighing of 182 carats. Another one is known as Noor-Ul-Ain, which belongs to Iranian Empress as on date, with 60 carats of weight.