Cash for Clunkers really worked

When you ask whether or not Cash for Clunkers really worked, the answer will all depend on who you ask. While government officials behind the program consider it a success, many people feel that it was just another government example of value being shifted but not actually created. Cash For Cars Sydney

While it’s true that it may have stimulated car sales and statistics show that there has been an increase in the sale of cars, but many people believe that cash-for-clunkers only increased the interest in people buying cars but has not really made a difference on the number of Americans buying cars or the types of vehicles they are purchasing.

Just because there is an increase in economic activity does not necessarily mean that the program was a success or that the government had the right to stimulate that activity. Many people are still skeptical about whether or not these types of programs are successful for our economy and whether or not we should see more of them.

Some people also believe that if this did in fact work and contribute to a spike in the sales of vehicles that it could come at the expense of sales later in the year or in the New Year to come. Only time will tell us if this one is true or not. With all the speculation about the program and whether or not it would help to stimulate the economy, we have no real answers at this point and it seems it’s let to only more speculation. Time will tell what effect this program has truly had on the US economy.


Cash for Clunkers really worked

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