Cletus Georges MD – What Should You Expect From An Urologist

Urology refers to the disorders and the diseases of the male and female urinary tract. Doctors that specialize in the treatment of these conditions and diseases are known as urologists. They treat problems in the urinary system like the kidney, the bladder, urethra, adrenal glands, and the ureter. For men, these doctors treat all diseases and disorders that revolve around the testes, penis, prostate, seminal vesicles, and epididymis. They also perform surgeries for removing cancer or any blockage located in the urinary tract.

Cletus Georges MD is an esteemed urologist in Orlando, Florida, and is board certified by the American Board of Urology. He completed his graduation from the Andrews University with a bachelor’s degree in Zoology with Biomedical as an optional subject in 1997. He later attended the Cornell University Medical College and completed his residency in Urology from North-western University McGaw Medical Center.

In 1997, he began his professional practice at Sebring FI and later relocated to Orlando, Florida, to work with Mid Florida Urological Associates till 2014. His practice was subsequently acquired by the Florida Hospital Medical Group, where he worked until 2017. Recently, he is doing a lot of temp work with the esteemed Dorn VA Medical Center in Columbia, SC.

When should you consult an urologist?

You should consult a good and experienced urologist for urinary problems, both mild and acute, like urinary tract infections. There are some serious ailments like cancer where you need to consult a urologist. In most cases, your primary healthcare doctor refers you to a skilled and experienced urologist when your symptoms persist for a very long time or do not improve over duration of time.

List of symptoms that indicate you might have a mild to acute infection in the urinary tract

Given below is the list of symptoms where you need to visit a skilled and experienced urologist if they surface-

  • Spots of blood in your urine – this condition is also known as hematuria.
  • The frequent urge to urinate immediately
  • A burning desire or sensation during urination
  • Difficulty in urinating
  • Pain in the pelvic region, lower back, and sides
  • Leakage of urine
  • Dribbling or a weak flow of urine

In case you are a man, you should visit a good urologist when you experience the following symptoms-

  • A decline in sexual desires
  • Detection of a lump in one of the testicles
  • Trouble getting and retaining an erection

Cletus Georges MD says that your urologist will have notes about your present condition from a referring doctor in most cases. However, the specialist will conduct some physical and medical examination tests and look into your past medical history. The doctor’s first thing is to locate the root cause of the problem, and this can be done with the help of imaging tests like CT scans, ultrasound, and MRI scans. Other tests like the basic urine test that your doctor performs for detecting the presence of bacteria in your urine or any other signs of disease.