Four tips when selling your home

Selling your house can be a stressful time but there are certain things you can do to make the process easier. Here are four tips to try to improve the chances of selling and ensure a fast and smooth transaction.

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1. Declutter and get the property looking its best

It’s never too early to start decluttering – when prospective buyers view your home they need to be able to visualise themselves living there so minimalism is best. Complete any repairs or touch-ups to the property and don’t forget the exterior of the building and the gardens.

2. Obtain several valuations

Do a little online research and find out what similar properties have sold for over the last 12 months and what is on the market right now. Book at least three valuations from different agents – perhaps an independent, a high street name and an online agency. It’s likely they will vary a little, so obtaining three valuations will allow you to go somewhere in the middle.

Be wary of any valuations that seem excessively high – it could be that the agent is providing an inflated figure to lure you in, only to suggest lowering the price after it is on the market. Even though the property market in 2021 is set to be the busiest since 2007, it’s still really important to price your house realistically as if it’s too high there simply won’t be any interest and when a property is on the market for too long, it can put prospective purchasers off.

3. Calculate the full costs

It’s vital to consider all of the costs involved in selling your home. As well as the cost of the property you are purchasing, you need to account for all of the associated costs. These include estate agent fees, conveyancing fees, searches and surveys, stamp duty, land registry fees, mortgage fees and removal costs. Knowing the costs upfront allows you to be in control and ensures there are no surprising bills arriving which could be a struggle to pay.

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4. Chose a reputable estate agent and conveyancer

Once you are ready to put your home on the market it’s vital to select a reputable estate agent. To help make your decision, check local property papers and online listings and ask for recommendations from friends, family and neighbours. It’s also essential to use an experienced conveyancer. Again, seek personal recommendations. Reputable companies such as Sam Conveyancing are able to provide conveyancing quotes so you can be completely clear on the costs and service.

If you follow the above tips, you will be in a great position to sell your property and move on to your next home.