Trying Diy Hot Yoga at Home – List of What You Should Know

Everyone is familiar with the term yoga. But when it comes to hot yoga there are many who are not aware of this yoga form at all. Hot yoga is the practice of yoga in a very hot and humid temperature. The temperature ranges something around 105 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity is also something around 40 to 60 percent. So you can imagine under what conditions you will be performing yoga. Hot yoga is highly beneficial and its popularity has grown over time. However with the pandemic situation all over the world most regular yoga practitioners have to consider diy hot yoga at home. The most important thing about diy hot yoga at home is to create the perfect conditions. For that one can also consider investing in a hot yoga dome. There are many companies offering this online. So it is not a big deal getting one for yourself.

However purchasing a hot yoga dome is not the end of things. For those who are just starting out practicing hot yoga at home have to ensure that they know how to go about it. This is very important for beginners. Beginners have to keep in mind that hot yoga is different from normal yoga. The conditions are different so one has to be prepared from before hand. Following are some of the things that you can do before you start:

  • Eat a light snack- It is never a good idea to start any form of exercise on an empty stomach. For that reason it is important that before you start with diy hot yoga at home have a light snack. Don’t eat too much or you might feel heavy and nauseous.
  • Wear comfort clothing- A pair of skinny leggings might feel suitable when you are hitting the gym but it is definitely a bad idea when you are practicing hot yoga. Hot yoga will make you sweat profusely. Any body-hugging clothing will make you feel uncomfortable. Hence choose loose clothing but not so loose that you trip and fall.
  • Stay hydrated- Hot yoga means a lot of sweat. That means there is a chance of getting dehydrated. Hence before you start your session keep a big bottle of water close by. Staying hydrated is very important or you might end up feeling tired, dizzy as well as have muscle cramps. Take small sips between the session.
  • Practice at your pace- It is better not to exert yourself or pressurize yourself too much. Though hot yoga is known to burn major calories, it is important to remember that miracles won’t happen in just a day. You will need to be patient and the results will show with time. Enjoy the hot yoga sessions bu don’t push yourself too hard.
  • Controlled breathing- This is a golden rule for any exercise. Don’t forget to breathe. Hot yoga helps to improve the capacity of the lungs. It trains one to keep a good amount of air in the lungs. Hence controlled breathing is important. Breathe deeply throughout the entire session and once its over take your time and then leave. If you hurry then you can experience sudden head rushes.

Hot yoga is beautiful and a great way to relax and bust stress. Enjoy diy hot yoga at home in a serene and calm atmosphere and reap its many benefits.